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Re: WTF fix it alredy

Nak and everyone, please know that Bart was, and I am, well aware that this platform has issues. Most of them are because it can do so much it damn near requires a full time IT on staff. While I know my way around computers a little, I am not IT and am very much not qualified to do much more than try and maintain this site. The problem with that is that it requires pretty constant upgrades and tweaking to make sure it runs flawlessly. I am going to miss some things. 


There is a good chance we are going to run into issues like today again, for those of you that experienced an error message trying to log in. Although it appears to have been an issue with hosting this time. As I said though, there are going to be days where stuff just goes wonky. Partly because I am not interested in investing any more time or money than needed to keep things going. Instead I am investing it in moving things to a more suitable platform, one that will be more stable.

My goal is to have it done by preseason with the hope that means it will be done by the start of the regular season. But I am not going to rush it. I want to make damn sure that you guys wont have to help work out the bugs. Instead you hopefully will just sign in one morning and just see a fresh coat of paint. If that means it takes a few weeks longer than I want, so be it.

I am sorry for the issues that do come up. Believe me when I say they stress the hell out of me! I am trying to make sure that any glitches are kept to a minimum until the change is made.

Thank you to everyone here. It was especially nice to see a few familiar faces come in to chat during the draft. Each and every one of you is appreciated.

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