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Aaron Rodgers not in OTAs

Tom Clements: Aaron Rodgers doesn’t need reps at this time of year

Posted by Myles Simmons on May 19, 2022, 2:50 PM EDT

Aaron Rodgers played a significant role in the Packers bringing back Tom Clements as the team’s quarterbacks coach. But Clements is not pressed that Rodgers isn’t attending the voluntary offseason program this year.

Rodgers hasn’t been around in the spring for a few years, electing to spend his time on mindfulness and training elsewhere. It clearly hasn’t affected the quarterback negatively, as he’s won the last two MVP awards.

Though the Packers are integrating several new receivers, Clements doesn’t foresee any issues for Rodgers and the new pass catchers whenever he arrives.

“We’ll have to see what the program is like during the OTAs,” Clements said in his Thursday press conference. “I know it’s a little bit different than it was previously when I was here. But Aaron doesn’t need reps at this time of the year. So, obviously, it would be nice to have him here. But he’s seen these things 1,000 times. He’ll be ready to go when training camp starts.”

Clements added that for the new receivers — who are mostly working with quarterback Jordan Love — it’s best for them to learn the system and then learn from their mistakes so they’ll be ready to go when training camp begins.

“I think that there will be enough time at that time for Aaron to work with them,” Clements said.

Rodgers did come around the building around two or three weeks ago, Clements said, when he was in the area for a Milwaukee Bucks game.

“Since that time, some texts back and forth. But he’ll be ready to go. He’ll be eager to go,” Clements said. “He’s at a different stage of his career now where he’s taking care of himself and working on what he thinks he needs to work on physically. He looked good when I saw him, so he’ll be ready to go.”


So, his almost completely new Wide Receiver room do not needs reps with their QB????

Sounds to me like the Prima Donna QB of Green Bay thinking only od himself once again. No wonder his fiance dumped him twice for selfish behavior. This dude is the epitome of self centered. Hold his team hostage until they make him once again the highest paid QB in football, then doesn't go all in on the season. Skipping OTAs when your team is in transition to younger players need their veteran leaders to show the way. He is showing his teammates how to look out for themself to the detriment of their teammates.

This, I feel is the main reason Aaron Rodgers has one Super Bowl ring and will never get a second. Like Favre before him, it is all about themselves. Brady has so many rings because he is all about his team and teammates. (Brady took less than market value on many contracts to keep his teammates around him) This is why Tom will be the GOAT and Aaron will always be "That guy".

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Re: Aaron Rodgers not in OTAs

There is a reason people admire Brady and Rodgers is widely considered a dick. 

Train like you are 2nd, but play like you are 1st.

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