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Pace's Future

I thought it was time to discuss the contributions and questionable decisions made by Ryan Pace as the GM. I know he has created a championship caliber defense. I applaud this accomplishment. However he is also responsible for building a competent offense and special team. Pace should be judged by the overall performance of the team and the contributions of the coaches and players he has brought to the Bears by free agency and the draft. Another issue is the types of contracts awarded free agents and player extensions. 

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Re: Pace's Future

I will start off with identifying the 2020 Pace decisions. Some are very good some are very poor.

2020 Free Adents

Robert Quinn (5 years, $70 million - $30 million guaranteed) (I rate it as a poor choice for the value being provided)

Nick Foles 3 years, $24 million ($21 million guaranteed) + 2020 4th round pick (I rate it as another poor choice for the value being provided) Even worse because we gave up a draft choice..

Danny Trevathan 3 years, $21.75 million ($13.625 million guaranteed) (I am neutral on this decision. He stared out slow but is back to normal).

Jimmy Graham 2 years, $16 million ($9 million guaranteed) (I am neutral on this decision. He started out great, but the needle is pointing in the wrong direction now).

Demetrius Harris 1 year, $1.65 million ($500,000 guaranteed) (poor choice he started ok but he has become non-factor now)

Dion Bush 1 year, $1.4 million ($637,500 guaranteed) (good decision has played well)

Barkevious Mingo 1 year, $1.1875 million ($887,500 guaranteed) (good decision he has outplayed his contract)

Sherrick McManus 1 year, $1.1875 million ($137,500 guaranteed) (neutral on this decision)(One could say that is a lot of money for a special team player).

John Jenkins 1 year, $1.1 million ($25,000 guaranteed) marginal decision needs more playing time to decide the value)

Tashaun Gibson 1 year, $1.05 million ($550,000 guaranteed) very good decision. He has outplayed his contract).

Germain Ifedi 1 year, $1.0475 million ($137,500 guaranteed) (poor decision. His performance is below average).

Artie Burns 1 year, $1.0475 million ($887,500 guaranteed) (can't rate since he was injured early before the season started),


2020 Draft Picks

Cole Kmet ( I like him, but we could have picked up more value with another choice. It is also hard to judge this choice since he has not been given enough playing time)

Jaylon Johnson ( great choice)

Trevis Gibson (Has not been given enough playing time)

Kindle Vildor (Has not been given enough playing time)

Darnell Mooney  (Excellent choice)

Arlington Hambright (Has not been given enough playing time)

Lachavious Simmons( Has not been given enough playing time)



Corn Cob
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Re: Pace's Future

I think the biggest disappointment is his signing of Nagy. His playcalling scheme just leaves you scratching your head in puzzlement. And name a young offensive player that has developed into a bonifide excellent draft pick!

Another maddening quirk of Pace is his approach to filling in roster voids in certain positions. 8 kickers one year, 12 TEs another. It just seems he goes all in when it comes to one position, while at the same time ignoring the other glaring needs ( OL comes to mind rather quickly)! There is no even keel as far as improving each position grouping. 

I'm of the opinion to fire Pace and Nagy,  and start the rebuild ......again....sighsad


Matt Nagy: "I know we need to run the ball more. I'm not an idiot."

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Re: Pace's Future

I read an interesting article from Dan Wiederer from the Chicago Tribune on April 20, 2020 prior to this years draft. The article focused on the 32 draft choices made by Pace from 2015-2019. He gave an evaluation to each of the draftees. Here is my Summary of the article

Rating criterion: - Great Pick - exceeded expectations, Solid pick meets expectations, Miss - did not meet expectations, bust  - Nowhere close to meeting expectations, Jury Still Out - more time required to fairly evaluate draftee.


Round 1 - Kevin White - bust, Leonard Floyd - miss. Mitchell Trubisky - miss, Roquan Smith - Solid pick.

Round 2 - Eddie Goldman Great pick, Cody Whitehair solid pick, Adam Shaheen - bust, James Daniels -Jury Still Out, Anthony Miller - Jury Still out.

Round 3 - Hroniss Grasu - Bust, Jonathan Bullard - miss, David Montgomery - Solid pick.

Round 4 - Jeremy Langford - miss, Nick Kniatkoski - solid, Deon Bush - Jury Still out, Diondre Hall - miss, Eddie Jackson Great Pick, Tarik Cohen = solid pick, Joel Iyiegboniwe - jury still out Riley Ridley - Jury still out.

Round 5 - Adrian Amos - great pick, Jordan Howard- great pick, Jordan Morgan - miss, Bilal Nichols - jury still out

Round 6 - Tayo Fabulue - miss, Deandre Carson - Solid pick, Kylie Fitts - miss, Duke Shelly - jury still out.

Round 7 - Daniel Braverman - miss, Javon Wims - jury still out, Kerrith Whyte - miss, Stephen Denmark - jury still out.


Round 1 Summary - 1 Solid, 1  bust, 2 misses,

Round 2 Summary 1 Great Hit, 1 solid, 1 bust and 2 Jury Still out

Round 3 Summary 1 solid, 1 miss 1 bust

Round 4 Summary 1 Great hit, 2 solid, 2 misses, and 3 Jury Still Out

Round 5 Summary 2 great hits, 1 miss 1 Jury Still Out

Round 6 Summary - 1 solid, 2 misses, 1 Jury Still Out

Round 7 Summary- 2 misses, 2 Jury Still Out


Overall Summary for the 32 picks

4 great Picks (12,5%)

6 solid picks (18.75%)

10 misses (31.25%)

3 Bust (9.375%)

9 Jury Still Out (28.125%)


It looks Pace has more bust picks and misses, than he does great and solid picks.

From these Drafting results it is clear Pace is not a good judge of talent, especially in the early rounds.

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Re: Pace's Future

Pace is 11 games under .500 in his six seasons (39 wins and 51 loses). Below is a list of decisions made by Pace which have impacted the team.


Picking Mitchell Trubiski - Moved up one spot and gave up 3 additional picks (wasted draft capital). Passed on both Mahomes and Watson.


Drafting Kevin White - Kevin played 14 games in four seasons, caught 25 passes and no touchdowns. Pace passed on both Todd Gurley and DeVante Parker to pick White.


Trading up and missing on Leonard Floyd. Passed on Leremy Tunsil to pick Floyd.


Hiring Matt Nagy who is in over his head both as an Offensive Coordinator and Head Coach


Letting Robbie Gould go and replacing him with numerous kickers which ended with Double Doink Parker. Parker cost us 4 mil plus to be released.


Trading for Foles and giving up a 4th round pick and assuming a terrible contract 88 mil. Foles has not produced even close to his cost.


Signing Mike Glennon 3 year 45 mil. That is a lot of money for 4 games, and forcing Trubisky to play versus learning and watching the first year. Probably ruined Mitch.


Signing Eddie Royal  to a 3 years 15Mil with 10mil guaranteed. Played two seasons before being released.


Several free agent signings were bad. Signing Antrel Rolle, Markus Wheaton and Dion Sims, Ted Ginn,.


Pace trading up too much during drafts and giving up draft capital. Trade ups for Leonard Floyd, Mitch Trubiski, James Daniels, Anthony Miller and David Montgomery.


Pace has failed to build through the draft and by adding Free Agents. Pace needs to be sent packing.

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