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When you throw your friend under a bus

Terrance Williams told police Kendall Wright crashed his car

Posted by Michael David Smith on May 24, 2018, 1:58 PM EDT

After Cowboys receiver Terrance Williams‘ Lamborghini was found crashed by the side of the road, police quickly found him and arrested him for public intoxication. But Williams was not arrested for the crash itself — which he blamed on Vikings receiver Kendall Wright.

Video of the arrest shows that when police questioned Williams about how his car crashed, he answered, “My friend was a f–king idiot. . . . He called me and said my car was f–ked up.”

Asked who the friend was, Williams answered, “Kendall Wright. . . . We went to Baylor together.”

Williams and Wright were teammates at Baylor from 2008 to 2011. Williams has played his entire NFL career for the Cowboys, while Wright signed with the Vikings this year after previously playing for the Titans and Bears.

Williams seemed to acknowledge he was in no condition to drive, and he insisted that he wasn’t the one who crashed the Lamborghini.

“That’s my $325,000 car that I paid for,” he said. “I know I can’t drive a car.”

Williams claimed that Wright called him and told him his Lamborghini was crashed, but when police asked Williams where his phone was, Williams said that it was in the car. When police asked Williams how his phone could be in the car when he had just said that Wright was in the car and called Williams to tell him about the crash, Williams said, “I’m not trying to lie to you. I swear to God I would not try to lie to you.”

What Williams told police contradicts the statement he released after he was arrested. Williams said nothing about Wright in his statement, and instead indicated that he had been driving, saying, “The driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn’t drive.”

TMZ has photos of the crash scene that also contradict Williams’ lawyer’s claim that “Terrance did not hit a light pole and there was no light pole even near the vehicle.” The crash scene photos show a downed light pole next to Williams’ car.

Video showed that the police officers who arrested Williams were professional throughout the incident, and Williams was cooperative.

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Re: When you throw your friend under a bus

Terrance Williams’ attorney: Kendall Wright not involved in wreck

Posted by Charean Williams on May 24, 2018, 3:39 PM EDT

Terrance Williams threw Kendall Wright under his $325,000 Lamborghini early Saturday morning — figuratively — by telling police the Vikings receiver wrecked his car.

But Williams was lying, according to his own attorney.

Chip Lewis, Williams’ attorney, said the Cowboys receiver was in the car alone when it crashed, Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News reports. Williams and Wright were together earlier in the evening but left separately, Lewis said.

“All I have is what Terrance remembers,” Lewis said, via George. “All of that is news to me. Anytime you hit a curve going about 60 mph and he struck his head, I don’t know, but we’re going to find out. I have to do the work necessary when you have an injury like this, when you hit your head if there is any head trauma as far as a gap in memory.”

Frisco, Texas, police arrested Williams for public intoxication, a Class C misdemeanor, after he ran into the curb on a motorized bicycle. Police were looking for Williams after finding his wrecked car next to a downed light pole.

Lewis claimed Saturday that Williams did not hit a light pole, but photos released by the police department Thursday show he did.

“It’s my understanding that the impact that Terrance felt was from the curve,” Lewis said Thursday. “He didn’t have any recollection of hitting a light pole.”


I think this guy has been smoking some of Richie Incognito's stuff!

re-Build 3.0

Bears are who we thought they be.

Getting better though....

The Bears are in year 6 of a 3 year rebuild.

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Re: When you throw your friend under a bus

Oh what a  tangled web we weave.....

Butkus never wore an earring

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Re: When you throw your friend under a bus

It is frustrating at times to pass up on talented players, but I am glad that overall the Bears keep this kind of drama off the team.

Train like you are 2nd, but play like you are 1st.

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